Traditional Shichuan cuisine. Cooked home style.
Tel: 0207-734-8128
Tel: 0207-734-8128

We were the first Sichuan restaurant to open in London’s Chinatown and serve many dishes you cannot find elsewhere in London.

“Each dish has its own style, and a hundred dishes have a hundred different flavours… It’s true that quite a lot of the flavor combinations of Sichuan are hot — like ma la, numbing-and-hot, and yu xiang, fish-fragrant, a gentler heat from pickled chilies with ginger, garlic, and scallion, a bit ofsweet and sour. But there are also quite a lot of flavours that are not hot at all, like xian xian wei, which is salt-savoury flavor, or li zhi wei, lychee flavor, a kind of sweet and sour. So a good Sichuanese dinner shouldn’t all be blast-your-head-off spicy. It should be a very exciting journey of highs and lows”
Fuchsia Dunlop
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