Traditional Szechuan cuisine, cooked home-style.
Tel: 0207-734-8128
Tel: 0207-734-8128

Er Mei was the first Sichuan restaurant to open in London’s Chinatown and is located on Lisle Street, the original street that started the Capital’s vibrant area dedicated to Asian food and culture.

Thanks to Sichuanese owners, Sichuanese Chef and a Culinary Director based in Chongqing, Er Mei serves authentic Sichuan dishes that are being currently served in restaurants in the Sichuan region and and cannot be found elsewhere in London.

Sichuanese cuisine is often stereotyped as being all about chilli heat and the numbing taste of Sichuan pepper. “While it’s certainly true that chilies… are extremely important… Sichuanese cuisine is about so much more than just fieriness. What really makes Sichuanese cuisine stand out is its stunning variety of flavours.” says Fuchsia Dunlop.

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